Looking for the perfect regimen? – Look no further!

Choose your hair care regimen based on your desired goal & style.

Aunt Jackie’s™ has a special regimen to help you give the best care to hair worn in
updo’s, twists, braids, and under wigs and weaves.


Need Protective Styling?

Keep your hair healthy! – Nourish your tresses!

Growing long healthy hair is easier when you give it what it needs to thrive.

Protective Styles  offer amazing alternatives to helping grow out your hair without  the constant combing,
brushing, tugging and pulling involved in your daily styling regimen.

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Worried about Texture?

Get your curl on! – Embrace your hair texture!

Shopping for the right products is easier once you know your texture.

Identify your texture below and follow the healthy hair regimen specially prepared by Aunt Jackie’s™ to tame, nourish and enhance your hair.

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