Wondering How to manage and take care of your Straight-Light/Wavy Hair type?

Aunt Jackie’s™ solutions provide manageability and softness to all hair textures.

The key is to understand your hair type well enough so that you can customize a healthy hair care regimen to help you reach your goals and have beautiful hair. Aunt Jackie’s™ has the scoop on hair, so pull up a seat and take notes.

Here are the 2 biggest hair challenges that make it difficult to manage your straight-light wavy hair.

Oily Hair

This hair type experiences dry roots and oily ends. It has to be shampooed daily to remove impurities.

Limp, Hard to Style

Whether bone straight or with a very light wave pattern, hair looks lifeless and lacks volume.

Thank goodness Aunt Jackie’s™
knows exactly what you need!

Aunt Jackie’s™ solutions offer definition and long-lasting moisture, without a heavy feel, leaving your hair clean, well-moisturized, conditioned and soft.

Follow Aunt Jackie’s™ 2 step straight-light wavy regimen, below.


      Keep straight-loose wavy textures clean by shampooing, as often as needed, with OH SO CLEAN! Moisturizing and Softening Shampoo. The sulfate-free formula gently and thoroughly cleanses, while replenishing with essential moisture and oils. Don’t vigorously shampoo. Work into a lather by gently massaging scalp to lift impurities, then rinse and repeat, washing scalp and hair.

    • STEP 2: Hydrate

      Lightly spray hair with HALF & HALF Hydrating Silkening Hair Milk. This flaxseed and coconut milk recipe moisturizes and nourishes hair from root to tip without weighing hair down. Style as usual. For added volume, apply a spritz of your favorite, light volumizing mousse before drying hair.