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i want healthy hair – where do i start?”

Easy! Just Follow Aunt Jackie’s customized hair care regimen

Having healthy hair is not just for people with “good hair.” With Aunt Jackie’s simple 4 step plan you too can take steps towards taking care of your hair. Start your healthy hair journey today!


  • Step 1: Get a customized hair regimen

    To do this you first need to determine your hair type so that you can address the key problems & hair care regimen to help you reach your goals.

    Luckily for you, Aunt Jackie has created an amazing Customized Hair Care Regimen which is organized and easy to follow.This will save you tons of time, and all you have to do is select your hair type & follow the routine.

  • Step 2: Choose the right products

    To avoid becoming a product junkie or creating your own mini beauty supply store, you need to try 1 set of products at a time to find your match.

    Aunt Jackie’s hair care products are crafted by legendary “Kitchen Beauticians” using natural proteins, oils, humectants and deep conditioners to make natural hair soft, springy, manageable and tangle-free.

  • Step 3: Be consistent and patient

    To make the process much more enjoyable, it’s important to get support and inspiration from other curl friends on the same hair care journey.

    That’s why Aunt Jackie has created a friendly and supportive Naturalista Club where you can meet, chat and share the evolution of your healthy hair care journey. Share photos, hairstyle, length checks & more!