Wondering How to protect and nourish
your Curly/Bushy Hair type?

Aunt Jackie’s™ solutions provide manageability and softness to all hair textures.

Aunt Jackie’s™ has a special regimen to help you give the best care to hair worn in updo’s, twists, braids, and under wigs and weaves. Protective Styles offer amazing alternatives to helping grow out your hair without the constant combing,brushing, tugging and pulling involved in your daily styling regimen.

Out of sight shouldn’t mean “out of mind.”

Great for styling

Updo’s, wigs, weaves, twists and braids can be trendy and convenient. But, a lot of Naturalistas make the mistake of not taking care of their hair using these convenient methods.

Maintain your style

Even hair that is frequently is pinned up, braided down,or worn with the ends tucked in or secured still requires proper maintenance.

Stimulates hair growth

When not being nourished, hair worn in Protective Styles can end up with split, weak ends, excessive scalp flaking and itching, and dry, rough feeling tresses.

Aunt Jackie’s™ Flaxseed Recipe collection
offers the perfect solutions for keeping your
Protective Style healthy and well-nourished!

Aunt Jackie’s™ solutions offer definition and long-lasting moisture, without a heavy feel leaving your hair clean, well moisturized, conditioned and soft.

Follow Aunt Jackie’s™ nourishing 2 step
protective regimen for curly/bushy hair.