wondering How to manage and care for your curly/bushy hair?

Aunt Jackie’s™ solutions provide manageability and softness to all hard-to-manage hair textures.

The key is to understand your hair type well enough so that you can customize a healthy hair care regimen to help you reach your goals and have beautiful hair. Aunt Jackie’s™ has the scoop on hair so pull up a seat and take notes.

Here are the 3 biggest hair challenges that make it difficult to manage your curly/bushy hair.

Not enough bounce

Curly hair is fabulous, fun and flirty. But, not all curly girls have bouncing and behaving texture.

Dry hair

Curly hair is prone to excessive dryness, brittleness and frizz due to its bushy, “afro-like” texture.

So many different textures

Most curly hair has a range of mixed-texture all throughout the hair. Moisture balance is key to helping manage each texture.

Thank goodness Aunt Jackie’s™
knows exactly what you need!

Aunt Jackie’s™ solutions offer definition and long-lasting moisture, without a heavy feel, leaving your hair clean, well-moisturized, conditioned and soft.

Follow Aunt Jackie’s™ 4 step curly/bushy regimen, below, to care for and create fabulous, healthy curls:


    PURIFY ME & COCO WASH are both SULFATE-FREE co-wash cleansers that thoroughly cleans hair without stripping away natural oils. They replenish with carrier and essential oils to deposit moisture into the hair shaft. Choose PURIFY ME if your hair is damaged, thinning or fragile. Choose COCO WASH if your normal-coarse textured hair needs deep moisture. Don’t vigorously shampoo. Work into a lather by gently massaging scalp to lift impurities, then rinse and repeat.

  • STEP 2: Condition

    Deep condition, repair & replenish brittle, dry hair. Choose either FIX MY HAIR or COCO REPAIR as conditioning treatments. Both contain flaxseed, mango, avocado, and coconut oil and are great remedies high porosity hair (hair that is moisture resistant). Apply generously, fully coating hair. Leave on for 5 minutes without a plastic cap, or 10 minutes with a plastic cap for deeper conditioning, then rinse thoroughly. Your hair will feel softer & smoother.

  • STEP 3: detangle

    Knots and tangles don’t stand a chance against KNOT ON MY WATCH Instant Detangling Therapy. Watch the comb glide through hard-to-manage hair, while ultra-hydrating humectants restore a healthy moisture balance. Or, if you need a lighter-weight therapy, use QUENCH! Leave-In Moisturizer, instead. It detangles and hydrates. Apply generously to hair, concentrating more on difficult areas. Always use a wide tooth comb and never force the comb through tangles. Work through tangled areas by taking sections of the hair, gently combing the ends then working your way upward to the roots.

  • STEP 4: style

    For moisture-rich curls and coils, use CURL LA LA Defining Curl Custard, DON’T SHRINK Elongating Gel, CURL MANE-TENANCE Defining Curl Whip, or CURL BOSS, Coconut Curling Gèlee. Each of these styling therapies revive, define, shine, and smooth tresses that are typically prone to dryness. No crunchy or stiff after feel! Depending on your style, choose a therapy. For moisture-rich curls & coils, and hair that craves lightweight natural oils, try Curl la la. For elongation and water-based hydration, use Don’t Shrink. For light-weight moisture therapy that also helps with split ends, use Curl Mane-tenance. And, if your hair loves coconut oil, Curl Boss give stretch & smoothness without weighing it down.

Does your hair need extra therapy?

You may find that you have specific problem zones that need extra love and care.

Do you have low porosity hair?

If products just weigh your hair down, without letting the moisture sink in, use a light weight, moisture sealant like BUTTER CRÈME. It gets into the hair shaft and keeps moisture in, without a heavy feel.

Do you have super dry hair?

For chronically dry hair and brittle ends, protect and mega-hydrate hair, especially tips, with SEAL IT UP Sealing Butter. This flaxseed-infused formula deposits carrier oils into the hair shaft for long-lasting, restorative moisture.

Aunt Jackie’s™ Tip:

In need of a little oil therapy? Try SOFT ALL OVER Multi-Purpose Oil. It’s light, moisturizing and can be used on your hair, nails, and skin. Flaxseed, Grape seed & Coconut Oils, along with Ginseng deliver amazing sheen and invigorate hair, scalp and skin.

Want smoother edges?

Smooth on a dab of TAME MY EDGES Control Gel around edges and hairline to tame wiry, unruly hair.