Get your curl on! – Embrace your hair texture!

Shopping for the right products is easier once you know your texture.

Identify your texture below and follow the healthy hair regimen specially prepared by Aunt Jackie’s™ to tame, nourish and enhance your hair.

Straight/Light Wavy

This hair type typically gets oily fast and frequently has split ends. Light-weight, water-based moisture is essential for helping keep hair smooth from roots to tips.

>> Get the Straight-Light Wavy Regimen

Wavy/Curly Hair

Wavy hair is considered the softest of natural hair types, because of its less-defined curl pattern. It is challenging to create volume and definition without it looking or feeling heavy and weighed down.

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Curly/Bushy Hair

Curly hair is prone to excessive dryness, brittleness and frizz. Additionally, most curly hair has a range of mixed-texture all throughout the hair. Moisture retention and softness are essential for curls to look good and feel healthy.

>> Get the Curly/Bushy Hair Regimen

Kinky/Coily Hair

Coily and Kinky hair absorbs moisture like a sponge, causing the hair to look and feel chronically dry. Further, attempting to train tight texture by excessive tugging, combing and brushing can easily lead to breakage and damage.

>> Get the Kinky/Coily Hair Regimen