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4 Tips To Prep Your Hair For Summer Swimming

Summertime is in full effect so that probably means you’ve been spending a lot of your days at the pool. Whether by yourself, with friends, or hanging out with the kids, heading to the pool or a nearby beach is a right of passage for everyone during the scorching... [Read More]

How To Prep Your Hair For Protective Styles

If you’ve been considering a new protective style to try this summer, you probably know that your hair needs to be prepared correctly. And while you may think that a quick wash is the best way to prep your hair for installation, there are... [Read More]

5 Styles That Are Easy for Dad To Achieve

Father’s Day is coming up and though you may already have a few gifts lined up for dad, one thing he’ll love more than a grill is precious time spent with his little one. And while your list of Father’s Day activities may already be jam-packed, giving dad the... [Read More]

5 Benefits of Mint & Aloe To Help Keep Your Hair In Check

Whether you’re sporting a head full of natural hair, transitioning from relaxed, or are still just trying to figure out which way to go, one thing that we’ve all probably heard by now is how “good” mint can be for your hair. But just because we’ve heard it, that... [Read More]

Reasons Why You Should Be Deep Conditioning!

It’s no secret that deep conditioning is one of the most important things you can do for the health of your hair. Though there are many deep conditioners that the Aunt Jackie’s brand has that are great to use, if you’re looking for a... [Read More]

Activities To Do This Mother’s Day With Your Kids

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and if you’re still looking for a few last-minute cost-effective activities that mom can do with the kids this year, Aunt Jackie’s has got you covered. Though you may think mom wants lavish gifts every year for the day that celebrates all that she... [Read More]