Repair My Hair – Argan

Great For Improving Hair’s Overall Health, Preventing & Correcting Damage & Breakage, Treating Thinning & Shedding. What will it do for my hair? Vitamin-infused, this remarkable natural growth oil blend is fortified with carrier oils known to help correct and prevent breakage & damage, while helping to reduce thinning & shedding. These... [Read More]

Fix My Hair – Intensive Repair Conditioning Masque

Great For Hair textures that are curly and/or coily, that is chronically dry and experiencing breakage or shedding due to chemical treatment. Especially effective for post protective styling, hair types 2c-4c, and repairing natural hair damaged by color, and wearing weaves and wigs. What will it do for my hair? Repair beyond compare!... [Read More]

How Will the Coco Repair Help Revive My Hair?

Regardless of your age, race, or gender, at some point in life, you’ll go through a disappointing time with your hair. For most, that time will include encountering dry and brittle tresses. And for anyone who has experienced the aforementioned, you know how difficult it can be to manage... [Read More]

The Perfect 911 Thermal Repair Kit

Reverse the effects of heat damage with this special combo created for heat-treated hair. With the secret weapon of Magic Mend, this kit aids in hair growth and restores moisture balance, with special ingredients like honey that help fill in cracked cuticles and smooth split ends. These buttery blends help strengthen,... [Read More]

The Perfect 911 Damage Repair Kit

Aunt Jackie’s to the rescue! Restore and repair damaged curls with this Flaxseed collection power pack. Aunt Jackie’s special blend of flaxseed and avocado & coconut oils is used to help repair damage, stop breakage, soften, shine, moisturize & condition dry, brittle, wiry hair. Full of moisture and hydration, this kit... [Read More]

Magic Mend – Acai & Honey Thermal Repair Masque

To help combat the effects of damage caused by frequent heat styling, Aunt Jackie’s pairs acai, a nutrient-rich superfood that has been used throughout the ages to aid in hair growth and restore moisture balance, with honey to help fill in cracked cuticles and smooth split ends. This buttery blend is... [Read More]

Half & Half – Hydrating Silkening Hair Milk

Great For Part moisture balancer and part softening remedy for seriously parched tresses. What will it do for my hair? Refresh dry, thirsty natural hair with Aunt Jackie’s new Flaxseed hair milk recipe. Formulated with nourishing Coconut Milk, Avocado and Marshmallow Root, this hydrating remedy not only moisturizes, but helps detangle and soften. Rich... [Read More]

Should I Deep Condition My Hair Dry Or Wet?

Deciding whether you should be deep conditioning your hair when it’s dry or wet may be a tough decision. Although it’s most common to see everyone deep condition their hair while it’s wet, there are some people who prefer to do so while it’s dry. And while we know... [Read More]

How to Keep High Porosity Hair Moisturized

Though hair porosity does not get as much shine as curl patterns or length retention, it is actually very important in keeping your hair at its best. Those with high porosity, for example, may often experience dry and thirsty hair that produces frizzy, dry and lifeless... [Read More]