No matter who you are, we’ve all gone through a time where our hair has not been at its best. Whether it’s because you’ve recently gone through something life-changing, have seen heightened amounts of stress, are transitioning from one season to the next, or are just dealing with heat damage, the aftermath can sometimes be rough, hard to manage tresses. 



Since Aunt Jackie’s understands that what you’re experiencing in your life can be reflected in your hair, our products are developed to help you create a healthy head of hair and with our Flaxseed Collection, you’ll be able to get that. Formulated to revive chronically dry and damaged hair, this collection is ideal for the naturalist who needs a little extra love added to their mane. But what does that mean the Fix My Hair — Intensive Repair Conditioning Masque will do for your hair?

Created with a special blend of flaxseed, avocado, and coconut oils, this masque is great for those with 2C to 4C hair types that may be in need of some serious hair repair.  Specifically, those that may have damage to their hair caused by adding color or wearing weaves and wigs. The ingredients in this recipe also help to stop breakage and will lead you to soft, shiny, moisturized, and manageable hair. Not sure how to properly use the masque for your hair? You have two options. For an intensive repair conditioning masque, add the product to your hair, cover it with a plastic cap, and sit under a warm dryer for 10 minutes prior to rinsing it out. As a regular conditioning treatment, however, cut the time in half before rinsing thoroughly. 

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