It’s no secret that conditioning your hair is a vital part in keeping your hair healthy. That doesn’t mean, however, that using just any conditioner will give your hair what it needs. Though finding the right conditioner may take a little time through trial and error, choosing one based off of your hair porosity — the ability your hair has to both retain and absorb moisture — can make things a little easier. Not sure where to start? Here are the Aunt Jackie’s conditioners to consider, based on your hair porosity.

If you have low porosity hair, you’ll want to use the Fix My Hair Intensive Repair Conditioning Masque

Low porosity hair types have difficulty getting moisture into their hair shafts. Low porosity hair also takes a long time to dry and has issues getting oils to penetrate the hair. Applying a deep conditioning treatment like this one — and adding heat while doing so — will help the hair absorb your products much better. 

If you have normal porosity hair, you’ll want to use the In Control Moisturizing & Softening Conditioner.

Those with normal porosity hair usually have no trouble getting and retaining moisture. The maintenance and manipulation required are typically very low and the bounce that their curls have are incredible. That’s why if you have this hair porosity, you can use any conditioner without any issues. Just be sure to deep condition regularly to maintain the ability to absorb your product well. 

If you have high porosity hair, you’ll want to use the Coco Repair Deep Conditioner or the Rescued! Thirst Quenching Recovery Conditioner.

High porosity hair is probably the most frustrating of the types as it may always feel dry. It doesn’t matter how much product you apply to your hair, it will usually feel as if there’s never enough used. This porosity type is frizzy quite often, absorbs water quickly and needs frequent hydration. Using products like the two suggested above will help add the hydration that your hair frequently needs. 

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