Looking for something to replace your sew-ins and wigs this upcoming season? Here are seven protective styles that you can rotate this upcoming season. 

Box braids

Though box braids are a great style to sport during the summer, you can also throw them in rotation for the fall, too. If you’re used to wearing them waist length and in your natural hair tone, try going a little darker for the color and switching it up to a bob this time around. Don’t forget that your hair will need to be moisturized during this time, too and our Half & Half — Hydrating Silkening Hair Milk is great to keep the moisture going. 


Whether your doing them in two strands, three strands or using your natural hair vs. weave to achieve your look, twists are a timeless style that creates endless opportunities for looks. If you’re using your natural hair for your twist styles, make sure that you add our Curl La La — Defining Curl Custard to help your hair look its best. 

Chunky twists

Want a different take on your twist styles? Try going for chunky twists instead. And just like the twists mentioned above, there are endless styling options for you. And, you’ll even have a good amount of volume with these! 

Goddess locs

Goddess locs have been all the rave over the last few years and it’s definitely easy to see why. Not only are they gorgeous and fit the face of pretty much anyone that wears them, but it’s also a cute and simple way to take your regular faux locs to the next level. Our Soft All Over — Multi-purpose oil is good to use to keep your scalp moisturized while in this style. 

Tribal braids

Have you tried wearing tribal braids yet? If not, you should definitely consider that for this fall. There are so many styles and patterns available to try with this look, which means you can rock them all season, but make them look different. 

Crochet styles

If you need a quick, yet effective style to consider this upcoming fall, try getting the style of your choice crocheted in. Not only will you be able to style achieve your desired style (braids, straight hair, locs, etc.), but it’ll get done in half the time as it takes to do it without them. And the greatest part is they still look amazing. Keep your hair nourished while in its style by using our Nourish My Hair — Flaxseed & Monoi oil. 


Cornrows have been around since the dawn of time and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. It doesn’t matter if you’re switching between wearing your natural hair in cornrows or adding a bit of weave for length, either way, you’re going to kill it. 


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