Fall is finally here! But just because you’re not ready to retire your hot girl/boy summer habits for fall, it doesn’t mean that you can’t at least get your hair ready for it. Here are six tips you need to keep in mind for the fall season. 

Protective styling is your friend. 

Since the cooler months start to roll in during fall, you’ll want to make sure that you keep your hair as protected as possible. So whether you choose to install braids, wigs, or weaves, or go with bantu knots, twists, or cornrows, protecting your hair from the change in the weather will be helpful keeping your hair at its healthiest. Our Seal It Up — Hydrating Sealing Butter is great to use to keep your hair hydrated while in the protective style of your choice. 

Keep your hair covered up as much as you can. 

Just like keeping your hair in a protective style can help it thrive during the colder months, keeping it covered up with a satin or silk-lined covering can help, too. Scarves, beanies, and hats are great to use for the fall season. 

Get used to using a pre-poo. 

Not only does using a pre-poo help keep your hair moisturized and help with the detangling process, but it will also help make your shampooing and conditioning process much easier. And with the weather changing, you’ll definitely need that. Our Balance — Grapeseed & Avocado oil is a great product to use as a pre-poo. 

Be sure to deep condition. 

Though you should be deep conditioning all-year-round, you should be sure that you do this during the fall and winter to help keep your hair as moisturized as possible. Using products that contain natural moisturizers like castor oil, shea butter or coconut oil (amongst many others) will help with that. You can even take it a step further and add heat while you deep condition. Our Coco Repair — Deep Conditioner is a great product to keep on your radar for your deep conditioning needs. 

Make sure you amp up your moisture. 

It’s no secret that colder weather can dry out your skin, so it’s good to remember that it can do the same for your hair, too. Switching up your products as the season changes can be helpful. Adding a masque like the Fix My Hair — Intensive Repair Conditioning Masque can also be helpful in retaining or replenishing the moisture to your tresses. 

Include a clarifying shampoo into your routine. 

If you’re not using a clarifying shampoo currently, you’ll definitely want to throw one into your routine this fall. To alleviate the build-up of products that you may have from summer, a clarifying shampoo like our Power Wash Intense Moisture Clarifying Shampoo to help get your scalp get a good detox.  


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