On October 27, 2018 Aunt Jackie’s hosted the “100k Murder Mystery Partay” a celebratory dinner party to recognize the brand’s socialization accomplishment. Over the past 6 months Aunt Jackie’s has undergone a significant brand refresh and has taken its social media platform to new heights. The brand recently reached 100k organic followers on instagram and couldn’t be more excited. As a way to celebrate, they threw a party with some of their favorite curl friends. Each of these lovely ladies came in character and ready to solve the murder!

@dayelasoul – The Little Mermaid

@tolaniav – Cinderella

@alexuscrown – Matilda

@justlikejackies – Princess Jasmine

@naturally_curla – Alice in Wonderland

@jaelenmitchell – Gretal

@nnescorner – Snow White

@chloeesther_ – Rapunzel

@spisha – Cuddles

@Sincerely_Niya – Little Red Riding Hood

@slimreshae – Sleeping Beauty

@happycurlhappygirl – Trinity

@kishmykurls – Little Miss Muffet

@tiffanylaibhen – Little Bo Peep

@heycurlie– Lilly

@astoldbybrittanyd – Goldilocks

@kiim_xoxo_ – Maiden

@Kayla_Madonna – Maiden